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A Deeper Look into Traveling Eco-Tips

Last week we explored some solutions on how to be more conscious tourists and we had a lot questions and feedbacks from you.

So we decided to give a deeper look into what we can actually do to be more sustainable when at the airport or on the plane.

source: Pinterest

At the airport:

Nowadays it's unnecessary to print out any booking confirmation to show at the counter. It is enough to hand your passport to the assistant, and s/he will be able to visualize your reservation without any waste of paper.

In Europe, you can even board without a boarding pass, directly by using an app or just letting the flight assistant scan the QR code of your online reservation.

We have already mentioned multiple times, the importance to have your own refillable water bottle. At the airport, it's even more useful since you are not allowed to bring liquids. In China for sure, and often around the world, there is a water refilling station right after the security check, for you to replenish your bottle.

On the plane:

Firstly, bring your own snacks and meal. Wrapped in some nice beeswax or in a portable lunch box. Why?

Meals on the plane aren't the best you will ever have, let's be honest.

Bringing your own isn't just a favor to the planet, but also to yourself. If you don't have time to make your own lunch, you can buy something at the gate and ask the waiter to utilize your containers to package it.

Analyze what the flight assistants serve you: it is always single use plastic in a single package.

Use your personal canteen to refill the drinks, instead of using every time a different plastic glass.

Another aspect to consider is the headphones. Lately, more and more people are using their own because, obviously, they have a better sound than the ones provided on the aircraft.

Using your own headphones will help save the plastic wrapping and the whole process of sanitation and the eventual broken ones.

Sometimes, it is required an additional adaptor for those plugs with a double outlet, but it's to find anywhere and keep in your traveling kit.

Our travel kit also considers traveling with a big warm scarf to use instead of the synthetic ones give on the plane, often wrapped in plastic and not even that warm.

Another basic component, that is actually kindly suggested to always have in the handbag, is a set of socks, underwear, and toiletries. It’s not just useful to avoid disposable toiletries, sleepers or tissue on the plane, but also if your luggage is lost or left back (we always hope it’s not your case).

What other tricks come to your mind when you are traveling?

Which is the greenest airport you have ever been?

Do you think it is hard to travel Zero Waste?

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