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#IamZeroWaste: Saving the Planet by Reducing my Waste [New Workshop]

Everyone is talking about sustainability, the Zero Waste Lifestyle, Conscious Living, ... But where do you start?

How do you change your habits and that of your family towards a more sustainable future together?

Do you ever feel like the road to a greener lifestyle is difficult?

You don’t know where to find the right trustworthy brands?

You want to do good, but it seems a bit overwhelming?

We are organizing a new workshop to teach you everything there is to know about this lifestyle!

You will:

  • Discover a new lifestyle: healthier, more mindful, happier and more connected with each other and nature.

  • Learn simple solutions to reduce or eliminate the need for plastics and learn where to shop

  • Meet new and like minded people.


See this as a go-to guide for living Zero Waste in Shanghai

Get your starter kit with the Zero Waste Essentials (bamboo toothbrush, beeswax wraps, ...) to help you reduce your waste

You will find all the brands, links, products in one place.

You’re journey to a more sustainable lifestyle starts here.

Become part of the change to a greener lifestyle for you and the people around you.

We will host this workshop 12 times this year:

8 workshops in English and 4 in Chinese

Every two months you will find us in a different district of Shanghai, though locations still have to be defined, the dates are set.

Workshop spots are limited, so please sign up asap!

When signing up, you can sign up for a one-day workshop or two-day workshop.

One day Workshop:

#IamZeroWaste Workshop

(Starter kit included, value 350+ RMB)

Thursday February 21st OR Saturday February 23rd

Two days Workshop:

Day 1: #IamZeroWaste Workshop

(Starter kit included, value: 350+ RMB)


Day 2. Compost Bin Workshop

(materials included)

February 21st (Day 1) + March 1st (Day 2)


February 23rd (Day 1) + March 3rd (Day 2)

Scan the QR below to sign up! ​

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