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25 things to remove from your home for the New Year

If I could be paid to declutter people’s homes and prepare them for a Zero Waste Lifestyle … I 100% would!

(Anyone out there? Let me give you my Wechat)

New Year has begun, as it is common in Chinese families, it is time for some spring cleaning!

At Zer’0Waste we LOVE to declutter our space … Obviously there’s a lot we could get rid off, but if there was a priority list for us out there it would like this:

1. Mismatched socks (unless that’s your style, of course)
2. Old shoes (Get rid of those stinky Feiyue’s you don’t wear anymore, or at least wash them and give them to REFORM)
3. Old undies and bras, Stained T-Shirts (Guys, ladies, we deserve NICE and PROPER underwear, it’s a first step to self-love)
4. Clothes that no longer fit (again, it’s about self love)

5. Promo T-Shirts (Do not even sleep in them: OUT.)

6. Extra jogging pants you don’t wear
7. Mismatched jewelry & Jewelry you never wear (taking up sooo much space)
8. Old toiletries (shampoo, toothbrushes, soaps, brushes, …) you don’t use (ouuuh my favourite)

9. Blankets or throws you don’t use (dog shelters could benefit from them!)
10. Scratchy towels (Please please please … why would you do this yourself?)

11. Files you no longer need, expired receipts, old paid bills (Compost! Compost!)
12. Donate can food you don’t use & snacks you don’t like or eat (Charity +)
13. Expired Condiments (... do I need to say more?)
14. Extra salt and pepper shakers (Sharing is caring)
15. Appliances that you never use (Put this on Movin Sale or Smartshanghai and get money from those things!)
MovinSale QR:
16. Extra dishes that you don’t need (ditto)
17. Chipped mugs (time to say thanks and say goodbye…)
18. Cookware you don’t need or have multiple of (MovinSale … Smartshanghai …)
19. Tupperware without lids (Dear lord, my parents house every christmas …)
20. .Old greeting cards, invitations, coupons, old calendars and catalogs (Let it goooo… let it gooooo)

21. Cords you don’t need
22. Old or broken cordless phones (Either sell them for a couple of RMB’s or recycle them properly please!)
23. Make a bag of dead batteries and broken electronics and bring it here (Green Initiatives WE Project)
24. Loyalty cards from stores you don’t frequent (OMG, how many do I have lol)
25. Paper manuals that you can find easily online (or scan them really …)

Now, remove all of this and tell me how you feel once all of this is out of your space …

Waiting for your comments … You know we love your feedback!

And remember, … You can hire me to do this …

Hahah, ok guys, have a great week!

Xoxo Alizee

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