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Reminder! Compost Bin Workshops this Week!

One of the first things that I tried to reduce my waste is to make a compost bin. There are two ways you can compost perishable food: worm composting and natural composting. If you live in the city I would suggest you start a worm compost for two main reasons:

- No bad smell

- Faster process

In order for a compost bin to be viable in the city (which means for 'indoor use', or for small balconies) there are certain rules to follow to avoid a bad smell or your worms not trying to flee the bin.

We organise 2 workshops this week on composting on

March 1st (9.30am - 11.30am)


March 3rd (9.30am - 11.30am)

At Agora Space, Panyu Lu 1199, building 8 (underground)

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