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8 Meaningful Brands That We Love to Work With!

So you probably know (or not) that the first R in the Zero Waste Lifestyle Code (cheez this sounds so formal) is REFUSE. Refuse what? Refuse things you don’t need …. and I usually proceed to give the example of goodie bags …. free pens, keychains etc.

HOWEVER, our goodie bag is different.. I swear it is. Because this goodie bag will actually help you reduce your waste. It holds some samples from our favorite brands in Shanghai. We would not be recommending these brands if we did not truly, fully, wholeheartedly believed that they have incredible core values close to nature and the people who create the products, that their way of working has a minimum impact on the environment and that they don’t create waste at the end of their lifecycle.

Beeziro is a brand of beeswax food wraps created by Ziyu. She put a lot of time and effort in perfecting her recipe for her wraps and it shows. Her products are simple, but very sophisticated and I love using them. She’s today a dear friend, and I got to know her better through our collaborations together. If you see her at events or markets, do say hi and get to know her a bit better. She had a fascinating life so far.

Baluchon is basically your go-to brand for anything Zero Waste Lifestyle related: beautiful reusable gift/ food/ wrappings, washable face pads, beeswax wraps, net bags, produce bags, … you name it!

Nanou’s vibrant personality is clearly manifesting through her products and I love using them. She really made this lifestyle even more desirable and pretty! You can know find her at Studio 5 on Jiashan lu if your beeswax wraps need rewaxing.

Boomi is bringing all things bathroom essentials in our lives without any plastic. From a very comfortable bamboo toothbrush to (my new favourite) shampoo bars. The two men, Miguel & Emman, behind this awesome startup are really going the extra mile to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Never a dull moment with these two, and there’s much more to come from Boomi!

Zurita is Shanghai based fashion brand with a strong focus on sustainability. You may have seen their store on Wulumuqi road a couple of years ago. Whether that is through customer education, social benefit programs, repair services and selection of natural materials. Monica is truly passionate about environmental issues and is trying her best to incorporate them into her brand.

Gre3n Coconut is one of the few beverage brands in Shanghai that tried since the very beginning to reduce packaging around their products. It’s not always possible because some food hygiene regulations make that impossible. We love the lifestyle and atmosphere that the brand created around their products: nature, well being, simpicity.

CakeMyDay is a vegan bakery and catering company headed by our mexican lady Sara. Her passion for the environment goes through many aspects of her life, but the number one is definitely food (I mean, yes I can totally relate to that). Her passion and love for animals, made her adopt a vegan diet, that she’s sharing through her bakery skills. Her treats come wrapped in banana leaf (loving it) and are simply delicious!

GreenWave is a company that really understands the markets needs more than other foreign brands when it comes to their product. They provide water filters for at your home or offices so that you can benefit from clean water both in the tab and showers. What I really like is that it bring the normality from drinking tap water to soft water showers back into our lives.

The Andean Apothecary is one of the first Zero Waste brands that I knew of years ago. Katherine makes her beeswax candles herself which she infuses with flower remedies to release vibrational energies as you lit the candles. As a person, I think Katherine is truly magical and having one of her candles in your home is just the start of your journey to a more conscious lifestyle. Also they last so much longer than your regular candle that you would buy.

Come and discover these awesome brands at our upcoming workshops!

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