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The power of people and positivity

As humans, we tend to pursue happiness and positivity avoiding to face negative and destructive feelings or issues.

Which is why often being doomsday and dramatic over climate change, plastic pollution, and Earth's destruction is not helping the conversation.

We don't want to be told that our habits have to change, that we need to rethink our economy, that we must challenge the way we live.

But we, as people have the amazing power of gather together and create.

Tomorrow (Domain), a 2015 documentary by French directors Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, showcases feel-good stories of ecological enterprises, new economic solution, educational and social initiatives that come from the people for the people.

Traveling around 10 countries, from the USA to India, passing by France, the UK, Finland and many more, Cyril and Mélanie meet and interview pioneers, academics, entrepreneurs discussing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy, and education.

Source: Tomorrow: a model village in India, where everyone participates into the village meeting to decide priorities and to figure out how to sustainably develop the small economy.

There is a lot to take away from this documentary. Despite the devastating path that within a century brought us to the harmful condition we face today, there is room for change.

Even thou we have to stop talking about climate change and start

acknowledging that a no reversible process has started, we have incredible power.

We can change the situation by voting, by educating our kids, by springing new revolutionary ideas.

Often, the best solution lies in small communities, in acting locally, in choosing every day.

Whether is permaculture, observing nature and learning from it or making a long-term investment by switching our homes and business into sustainable and resilient ecosystems, we have to start somewhere!

Source: Tomorrow_Collective garden in England: by utilizing the common areas of the town, citizens teamed up together to cultivate those space turning them into a comprehensive vegetable garden for everyone to use.

We suggest this documentary because it feels right to be positive, to spread a message of hope and happiness, to show that we haven't done it completely wrong.

This movie is an amazing call for action to all of us, to take sides in our daily life, to start questioning our lifestyle, giving a breath of fresh air.

Source: Tomorrow_model factory based on a circular and sustainable business model

We want to leave with a quote from the movie by Rob Hopkins, founder of the Movement Network, that we found particularly curious: "It's fascinating how as a species, and as a culture, we are brilliant at imagining our own extinction, and our own demise. We make films whether we are all wiped out by zombies, or nuclear bombs, or diseases, or robot or aliens. But where are the films of us turning something around and solving the problem? (...) We don't have those stories."

And it's about time we begin to create some.

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