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Saving the Planet by Reducing my Waste: Yes, you can!

These last years, everyone is talking about Veganism, Zero Waste, Minimalism, Organic, and other similar lifestyles… All these are different branches from the main concept of ‘Conscious Living’. Conscious Living is the overarching concept that englobes the different lifestyles who respect all life on the planet, with little or no negative impact on future generations. But... where do we start?

We are organizing #IamZeroWaste Workshops for everybody, you don’t need to be expert in anything. With these workshops you are going to learn small, funny and easy tips that will bring to people and Planet enormous benefits.

Changing habits to have a positive impact

The main goal is to explain the essentials of the Zero Waste lifestyle in an easy, practical and funny way, because “if we change our habits we can have a positive impact in our environment and our health”, explains Alizée, Co-founder of Zer’0Waste Shanghai.

During the workshops, attendants will discover simple and funny solutions to reduce or eliminate the need for packaging or single use plastics. They are going to learn about the principles of the five “r”s (reduce, refuse, recycle, repair, re-earth) and how to apply them to everyday life to achieve an almost rubbish-free home. And, for sure, people are going to meet like-minded new friends.

Through these workshops, we want to put consumers in contact with sustainable and mindful brands. As consumers, we begin to expect more from the brands we choose to support. We want to know how our purchases impact, not just our health, but also the environment.

During this year, the workshops will be supported by Boomi, Gre3n, Zurita, GreenWave, Andean Apothecary, OhMyVegan Cookies, Baluchon and Beeziro. All the attendees will receive a goody bag that includes a Zero Waste Starter Kit (350 RMB value).

#IamZeroWaste Workshop Goody Bag

Upcoming Workshops: Gubei-August.


The #IamZeroWaste Workshop consists of two learning days;

you can sign up for one or two days:

First day (9.30 am - 12.30 pm)

Learn about Zer’0Waste principles, our environmental context,

how to be a Zero Waste Hero in Shanghai and tips about where to buy, how to recycle, how to be healthy, which products to buy, ...etc.

Second day (10 am-12.00 pm),

people will learn how to compost in the city and how to grow their own plants.

Price for one day is 450RMB

Price for 2 days will be 750RMB.

Early Bird prices are 400 and 650 RMB respectively and run till August 15th.

NEW!!!! Special discounts for Groups:

If you bring with 3 friends you get a 20% discount on the price,

more than 5 friends, you get a 30% of discount (from the original price).


#IamZeroWaste Workshop: August 23th Friday (9:30am-12:30pm)

Compost Bin Workshop: August 30th Friday (10am-12pm)

#IamZeroWaste Workshop: 24th Saturday (9:30am-12:30pm)

Compost Bin Workshop: 31st Saturday (10am-12pm)


Venue: KR Space CaoHeJing

Address: Tianling Road 130, building 20 (crossroad CangWu Road)

Traffic info: Guilin Road Subway Stop, Line 9, Exit 4


If you want to join some of the workshops you can scan the QR code here:

What does people think about our Workshops?

About Zer’0Waste Shanghai:

Zer’0 Waste Shanghai is a company founded in 2016 with head office in the city of Shanghai. Currently, the company counts with a core team of 9 members with different expertise from business, marketing to ecological health impacts. We believe in the power of the community. Zer’0 Waste Shanghai provides support and advice to corporations, schools and individuals who are working towards a more sustainable future. We pursue a more meaningful lifestyle, more respectful of nature and life. We do this through workshops, seminars and consulting services, such as audits and certification acquirements.

Contact person:

Alizée, co-founder of Zer’0Waste Shanghai


Phone: 186 1674 2931

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