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3 Chinese sustainable skincare brands that we love3个我们喜爱的国产可持续护肤品牌

Skincare is one of the biggest industries around the world.


How much do we really know about the products we put on our skin?


A lot of brands today come with big promises: removes blemishes, makes your skin more fair, cure acne and other skin impurities. Do they work? And how do we make sure our skin gets the very best and stays healthy for as long as possible?

如今,许多品牌都承诺:消除斑点,使皮肤更白皙,治疗痤疮和其他皮肤杂质。 这些有用吗? 如何确保我们的皮肤达到最佳状态并尽可能长时间保持健康?

We like to think that nature knows best, whether the cure is in the food we eat, or the ingredients we put on our skin. Hippocrates said: Food is medicine, and medicine is food. Food includes plants, flowers, herbs, natural butters such as shea, coconut and many more.

我们认为最了解一切的是大自然,无论是我们吃的食物还是我们放在皮肤上的成分。 希波克拉底说:食物就是药物,而药物就是食物。 食物包括植物、花卉、草药、乳木果、天然黄油、椰子等。

We went and looked up some of the most natural, paraben-free, soap-free, eco-friendly, waste-friendly brands out there. (We would like to put cruelty-free in the list as well, unfortunately, in China skincare products have to be tested on animals before being sold )

我们寻找了一些最天然、无对羟基苯甲酸酯、无皂、环保、废物友好的品牌。 (可惜,尽管我们希望将无动物测试列入清单,可是有相关规定,中国的护肤品必须在动物身上先进行测试,然后才能出售。

Here is the list of 3 LOCAL skincare brands we know of:



Zest Skincare offers affordable handmade all natural products. They believe nature provides already what we need for our body, and formulate products with recognizable ingredients to everyone. Take power back on your skincare routine by using safe products on your skin, so you never have to go back to chemically based products. Zest wants to build awareness and teach people how to be the one deciding which products are “right” for you.

Their products include: Facewash (for Him & Her), Toner, Face Oil, Beard Oil, Lip Balm (for Him & Her), Deo Cream, and many more.

Our current favorite: the deodorant cream. I purchased it, and loving it! Very smooth to apply.

Zest Skincare提供平价的手工全天然产品。 他们相信大自然已经为我们的身体提供了所需的食物,并向所有人配制量身定制的产品。 通过在皮肤上使用安全的产品,你不必再使用化学产品。 Zest希望树立起人们的意识,教你如何决定哪种产品最适合你。


我们当前的最爱:香氛身体露。 我购买了它,并很喜欢! 涂抹感非常好。

Find them here:

2/ NUDE by Korea

NUDE by Korea is a Shanghai based natural skin care brand, that creates natural skin care for sensitive skin without harsh or controversial chemicals - ever.

Their focus is on simple ingredient lists and only use natural & vegan ingredients of the highest quality. To ensure zero-waste their packaging says goodbye to plastic and other harmful materials.


他们的重点是简单的成分表,并且仅使用最高质量的天然和素食成分。 为了确保零浪费,他们的包装告别了塑料和其他有害物质。

Their products: Crystal Natural Deodorant, Facial Oils, Plant Based Moisturizing Face Cream, Shampoo Bars, and more!


Our favorite: the konjac sponges. They are completely biodegradable (hello compost bin) and so soft on the skin.

我们的最爱:魔芋海绵。 它们是完全可生物降解(可以放入堆肥箱里!),并在皮肤上显得如此柔软。

Find them here:

3/ Lalu Raw Beauty

Lalu Raw Beauty creates Plant-Based Beauty and Skincare Solutions Empowered with Superfoods and Enriched with Minerals.

Lalu Raw Beauty 创造以植物为基础的美容和护肤方法,并运用超级食物及矿物质赋予它们力量。

Lalu's collection includes body care, hair care, and face care formulated with natural ingredients. LRB is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful chemicals and supports clean beauty and small producers.


All Lalu's beauty solutions pack a punch of clean superfoods filled with protective nutrients, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It is all about reviving your youthful glow and letting your skin shine through!


Their products are cruelty-free (no animal testing) and vegan.

Our favorites:

The Avocado Caffeine Glow Moisture Cream like the names says it is made of avocado, coffee, contains SPF 15 to protect the skin and many more nutrients to provide nutrients and protection against environmental aggressors.

The Hibiscus Skin Tonic is more than just a toner, it is formulated with the beautiful hibiscus flower which is also called the natural botox, calendula, and aloe vera to soothe and repair skin. Think of this tonic as a rejuvenating toner that will plump, nourish and brighten your skin while prepping skin for the next step of your beauty routine.

Find them here:

www.lalurawbeauty or use QR code of mini program.

Any other brands we forgot here?

Let us know in the comments below :-)


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