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5 steps to your new vegan life 你离纯素只有五步之遥

It is already halfway through 2020 and what a tumultuous year it has been! Some of you may have set some goals for this year which involved being healthier or improving your diet. As you may know, through our previous articles and other news outlets, our diets make a huge impact on our environment. You are what you eat, but the earth is also being affected by what we eat! 2020已经过去一半,大家新年立的flag:好好吃饭,吃得健康等等,怎么样了?咱们都知道,我们的饮食对环境有巨大的影响。所以好好吃饭不但是为了身体健康,更是为了保护环境。

You may have considered the idea of going vegetarian or vegan, but you are a little hesitant. Today we will bring to you some quick tips on how to approach your diet and how to stick to it going forward. It is not as scary as it sounds!


1. Slow and steady 心急吃不了热豆腐

Going vegan does not have to be an overnight transformation. Start by adding more vegan options to your diet. Experiment with different recipes to see how you can incorporate more vegan options into your meals. Slowly start reducing the meat you consume (there are so many meat alternatives!). Switch out that milk carton in your fridge to soy or other dairy alternatives. Either way, take it slow. This is your diet and you can experiment in ways that is most comfortable for you.


Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or just dabbling in the world of nut or plant-based milks, you know there is a large variety to choose from. It’s not just almond milk anymore – coconut, oat and soy are all alternatives to traditional cow’s milk. 不管你是纯素,乳糖不耐受,还是尝鲜,植物奶的选择太多了-巴坦木,椰子,燕麦,黄豆都是传统牛奶的替代品。

2. Educate yourself - 获取信息

The top question people get is will I get enough protein? Take a bit of time to research the different types of protein options available in a vegan diet. Beans, seeds, and nuts are commonly found in supermarkets and offer the protein needed for your diet. What about vitamins and minerals? The only somewhat rare vitamin is B12 which is usually found in meat, eggs and fish, but actually certain dairy alternatives and breakfast cereals contain B12, it is just about finding the product you like! Going vegan is not supposed to be expensive either. Most of the ingredients you need can be found in your local supermarket. We also see an increasing number of options in alternatives offered. Many blogs have already done the research for you on how to switch to a vegan diet, they are just waiting for you to check them out.


3. Find your motivation 激励自己

There is a reason for you to adopt a vegan diet. In the beginning, you may find it difficult and even receive backlash from friends and family members. Keep in mind why you are doing this in the first place. And after you have armed yourself with the facts, be proud of what you have achieved and continue towards your goal. This is not the same thing as “going on a diet” and having a few cheat days. You are committing to this because you have your own specific reason. Find that motivation and you will be able to keep going even during tough times.


‘Kill the haters with kindness.’ Composite: Getty/Sarah Habershon/Nishant Choksi Source: The Guardian

4. Be positive 乐观

Instead of grumbling about missing out on certain meat dishes, think of all the cool new vegan recipes you can try! Or maybe now you have the excuse to try out new restaurants that are vegan-friendly. Also, being vegan does not mean you have to turn down your social life. It is about finding the right balance and educating yourself with all the available options you have. Offer to cook some vegan dishes for your friends or family. There is no need for either side to be aggressive. With good discussion and information sharing, you can find a common ground for you to work with your social circle.


If you really can’t face eating greens, bung them in a pasta sauce. Illustration: Nishant Choksi Source: The Guardian. 如果实在吃不下蔬菜,可以沾着酱料吃

5. Documentaries that will make you reevaluate your lifestyle. 让你反思你生活方式的纪录片

Still seem a little daunting? Need more inspiration? There are some great documentaries for you to peruse, from environmental challenges currently happening to insights into the meat industry. A little change can go a long way, for you and for the earth.



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