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Alaska Airlines Flights: refill your bottle

Vacation + Travel. These two words have always had an alluring ring to them (maybe not so much these days due to this unfortunate virus situation). A quick break to another country, maybe some beaches, doesn’t seem too bad.


But flying? For many of us trying to promote sustainability in our lifestyles, flying is a huge challenge as it is a significant addition to an individual’s carbon footprint. We have to consider carefully before jumping on a plane somewhere.

但是要坐飞机吗? 对于我们许多试图提高生活方式可持续性的人来说,飞行是一项巨大的挑战,因为它会大大增加一个人的碳排放。 在登上飞机之前,我们得想清楚。

Airlines are also quite aware of this. Various airlines have become more active in evaluating their environmental footprint and partnering with organizations that can help offset their impact. One airline that we have seen a visible push for sustainability is Alaska Airlines.

航空公司也很明白这一点。 各大航空公司在评估自己对环境的影响以及与可帮助抵消其影响的组织合作方面越来越活跃。 阿拉斯加航空公司是我们看到的典例,他们强劲地助推了可持续发展。


Alaska Airlines asks guests to help reduce in-flight plastic waste through #FillBeforeYouFly 阿拉斯加航空要求旅客通过#FillBeforeYouFly帮助减少机上塑料垃圾

Recently, the airline kicked off a new initiative of #FillBeforeYouFly, encouraging both crew members and passengers to fill up their water bottles before boarding the flight, which helps reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles on the flight. This falls in line with the airline’s attempt to reduce in-flight waste per passenger going to landfills by 70 percent by 2020.


The Alaska Airlines Green Team, or a group of employees devoted to education and innovation around environmental issues, has spearheaded this effort. Sustainability initiatives are of course designed to be sustainable but they can only go so far if there is no effort to educate the public about how to integrate this into their lifestyles. Members of the team were on-site at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (a partner in the initiative) to provide water bottles from Miir (another partner, B Corp and a Product to Project™ company committed to trackable giving) while directing passengers to water-filling stations before boarding flights.

阿拉斯加航空绿色团队,也就是一群致力于环境问题教育和创新的员工率先开展了这项工作。计划当然是为了可持续发展而设计的,但只有在不断努力教育公众改变生活方式的提前下,它们才能走得那么远。团队成员在西雅图-塔科马国际机场(该计划的合作伙伴)现场,提供Miir水瓶(另一家合作伙伴,B Corp和致力于追踪捐赠的Product to Project™公司),同时引导乘客登机前给水瓶注水

“We’re passionate about working with our guests, employees, airports and partners to reduce waste, protect habitats and improve water health. Land, water and animals are incredibly special parts of the places we live and fly. If just 10% of us flying Alaska bring our own prefilled water bottles when we fly, it would save over 700,000 plastic water bottles and 4 million plastic cups per year. That’s a big lift.” - Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of external relations.

我们热衷于与客人,员工,机场和合作伙伴合作,以减少浪费,保护栖息地并改善水质。 土地、水和动物我们赖以生存,它们是飞行所到之处中不可思议的特殊部分。 如果阿拉斯加的乘客中只有10%携带自己的预装水瓶,那么每年将节省700,000多个塑料水瓶和400万个塑料杯。 那是一个很大的提升。” ——阿拉斯加航空公司对外关系副总裁戴安娜(Diana Birkett Rakow)。

Every MiiR product is designed in-house with an emphasis on four design elements: Minimal / Sustainable / Functional / Enduring 每个MiiR产品都是他们自己设计的,着重于四个设计元素:迷你、可持续、功能性强、持久

As we have increasingly realized, plastics are among the top items found during beach cleanups worldwide, environmental organizations report. Alaska Airlines hopes that #FillBeforeYouFly can encourage passengers to take part in helping reduce flight waste, thereby reducing waste that may find its way into the ocean.


To further the impact, the airline has also partnered with nonprofit Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). For every social media post complete with tags @AlaskaAir and #FillBeforeYouFly, the airline will plant one tree. This supports BEF’s effort in planting 1 million trees on the West Coast of the US in order to help the environment and regional habitats.


San Francisco International Airport would approve of this. As of August 20, 2019, the airport banned all shops, restaurants and vending machines from selling plastic water bottles. It also added 100 water-bottle filling stations throughout the airport. But this initiative may not work in some airports. Certain places like Argentina has a secondary screening before boarding the flight, so liquids will not be able to pass through. Going forward, this type of effort will require close communication and collaboration between airlines and airports.


A quick glance through Alaska Airlines’ sustainability page offers other various interesting initiatives like fuel efficiency improvements, carbon offsets options, and going paperless by choosing the airlines’ app. It also boasts a comprehensive inflight recycling program! Its partnership with Lonely Whale also introduces marine-friendly alternatives for single-use plastic straws and citrus picks. Lonely Whale is also a partner for #FillBeforeYouFly.

阿拉斯加航空公司网站上的可持续发展页面还提供了其他各种有趣的计划,例如提高燃油效率,减少碳排放以及通过选择航空公司的APP实现无纸化。 它还拥有全面的机上回收计划! 它与孤独的鲸鱼的伙伴关系还引进了海洋友好型替代品,帮助减少一次性塑料吸管和柑橘采摘。 孤独的鲸鱼还是#FillBeforeYouFly的合作伙伴。

We hope to see more initiatives and hashtags from Alaska Airlines, but also more effort from local Chinese airlines. As passengers, remember that each small thing you do also goes a long way.

我们希望看到阿拉斯加航空公司的更多倡议和主题标签,但也希望中国当地航空公司做出更多的努力。 作为乘客,请记住,您所做的每件小事都会走很长一段路。

For anyone traveling soon, we wish you a safe and sustainable flight!







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Bonneville Environmental Foundation: http://www.b-e-f.org/

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