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Davines: Not a shampoo; a declaration of sustainability.

This article is not sponsored. I genuinely love Davines as a brand and their efforts towards sustainability in all aspect of its meaning: People - Profit - Planet


A couple of months ago, we (at Zero Waste) were approached by a brand representative of this eco-friendly shampoo brand called Davines. Davines is a B Corp organisation with an incredible mission and devotion to mother earth. They even purposely don’t want to grow the company more than a fixed percentage per year because it is not sustainable to the earth (I believe it was around 8-10%).

两个月前,环保洗发水品牌Davines的工作人员跟我们取得了联系。作为一家B Corp,Davines有着对地球母亲的忠心奉献和独树一帜的企业使命。他们甚至故意把企业的年增长限制在8%到10%之间,从而使其对地球更可持续。

Davines is Certified B Corp since 2016 with a score of 99 and recently improved up to 117.4 points (out of 200). Davines把2016年申得B Corp证书之初的99分提高到最近的117.4分(总分200)。

I had heard of the brand before, but it was more their cool retro packaging and branding that had caught my attention rather than their sustainability aspect.


Naturaltech product line, where nature and technology meet. Naturaltech is a complete program that targets hair and scalp problems while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting edge technology. Naturaltech产品线,自然和科技的融合。Naturaltech针对头发和头皮问题,同时兼顾可持续美容和最新科技。

When I spoke with them in Shanghai, I realized how much sustainability was embedded in their culture, brand, way of working and much more.


I went back home and thought I’d give this new shampoo a try once I had finished my current shampoo bar.


The experience with OI shampoo was such a treat! The OI shampoo is made with Roucou Oil which is apparently the secret behind the shine and softness that it gives to the hair. Extremely rich in beta carotene , Roucou oil reduces cellular damage from UV rays, as well as helping to prevent the signs of aging.

OI 洗发水体验太棒了!为什么用完了头发又软又发亮呢?因为它是用胭脂树油做的。这个胭脂树油富含beta胡萝卜素,可以降低紫外线对细胞的损害,也可以抗衰老。

Not only is this shampoo paraben and sulfate free, but Davines also offset the carbon dioxide emissions from its production with reforestation and woodland protection projects.


The OI Shampoo and OI Body Milk packaging is Carbon Neutral, which means that they reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions of all their branches worldwide. OI洗发水和OI Body Milk的包装是碳中性的,也就是说他们抵消其世界各地生产线的碳排放。

Only a few days later, did their latest videoA Single Shampoo’ appear on my Instagram feed, and it brought tears to my eyes. The video is a poetic ode to the earth, to what awaits us and what kind of tools we need for our future: Love, patience, resilience, … just to name a few.

过了没几天,他们最新的视频 “A Single Shampoo”就被推送到我的Instagram上,让我泪流满面。此视频是对地球的诗意颂歌,歌颂创造未来我们需要的工具:爱,耐心,坚韧等等。

I felt compelled to share these experiences with you all, because from a CORPORATE point of view I want to show that it’s possible to have TRUE sustainable company, and on the other hand, as a CONSUMER, we DO have a choice when it comes to buying from brands who want to be part of OUR future.


I invite you to watch the video below of A Single Shampoo:

我邀请你看看下面这个视频A Single Shampoo:

“A Single Shampoo is the symbol of our journey to do better and to be better for the world. It's a commitment we have and an aim we constantly dream to reach.”

“A Single Shampoo是我们为了世界每天不断提高的象征。它是我们的承诺和不断追求的目标。”


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