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Entrepreneurs that Are Fighting for the Environment 世界各地为环境而战的企业家

Author Ruth Julian As each day passes and business goes on as usual, it becomes more and more apparent that we need to develop a timely and appropriate response to the climate crisis. Al Jazeera reported that greenhouse gases in 2018 reached new highs, with carbon dioxide (CO2) coming in at 407 parts per million (ppm). Those numbers have continued to climb over the past year, which doesn’t bodes well for life as we know it now. If we want to continue to preserve and live in an environment to which our bodies and ecosystems are adapted, we will need to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere to at most 350 ppm— a titanic effort that's easier said than done.

随着每一天的生活和商业的日常运行,我越来越明显感觉至,我们需要对气候危机做出及时应对。 半岛电视台报道2018年的温室气体达到了新高,二氧化碳(CO2)达到407ppm。 去年,这个数字继续攀升,这对于我们现有生活来说并不是一个好兆头。 如果我们要继续保存并生活在适合的生态系统的环境中,我们将需要将大气中的二氧化碳减少至最多350ppm,这是一项艰巨的尝试,说起来容易做起来难。

Luckily, climate change has become significant enough that even business leaders around the world are taking steps to address itWe've written about 'The Very First Step That a Corporation Can Do to Move Toward Sustainability' before, which includes getting employees aligned on what sustainability means to the company so that the whole company has a shared vision and understanding on the topic. Today, we're going to look at entrepreneurs who have done just that and built their businesses on ideas of sustainability and environmental justice.

幸运的是,气候变化已经引起全球的商界领袖的重视,他们正采取措施应对气候变化。 我们已经发表一篇文章《企业该如何迈出向着可持续发展的第一步?》,其中包括让员工就可持续发展与公司的致力方向保持一致,从而使整个公司对这一话题保持共同的愿景和理解。 今天,我们将了解一下已经成功做到这一点并且以可持续性和环保理念为基础开展业务的企业家。

Stephen Katsaros, Nokero One of the top entrepreneurs today who has made it his mission to tackle the issue of sustainable energy is Nokero founder and CEO Stephen Katsaros. The company name Nokero comes from the phrase "no kerosene", which underlines the company's mission to replace fossil fuels as energy sources with more environmentally-friendly lighting options. Nokero has worked with governments to distribute over 1 million solar light bulbs to impoverished families in over 130 countries, and has found happy and enthusiastic consumers in the Western world as well.

Nokero创始人兼CEO Stephen Katsaros是当今致力于解决可持续能源问题的顶级企业家之一。 公司名称Nokero源自短语“ 不要煤油”,突显了公司的使命,即通过更环保的照明选择来替代化石燃料作为能源。 Nokero与政府合作,向130多个国家的贫困家庭分发了超过100万个太阳能灯泡,并且在西方国家也找到了满意的消费者。

Studies show that introducing Nokero’s solar light bulbs to off-the-grid communities like this household in West Africa drives a greater enthusiasm for learning after the sun sets – and higher test scores!

Emily Wilkinson, botlfilter The issue of plastic waste has plagued society for decades. While plastics are easy to use and cheap to produce, they have the unfortunate downside of being nearly impossible to biodegrade. Many efforts have gone towards reducing plastic waste in modern society, and the Toronto Observer writes that Emily Wilkinson is one of them. With her invention botlfilter, Wilkinson helps to encourage more people to save on plastic and reduce their carbon footprint. The botlfilter is a portable filter that requires no pre-soaking, uses biodegradable materials, and generates no plastic waste. Users can reuse the filer case and toss the biodegradable filter bag into the compost, making for quick and easy access to drinkable water with none of the guilt. 塑料垃圾问题数十年来一直困扰着社会。 尽管塑料易于使用且生产成本低廉,但其致命缺点是几乎不可能生物降解。 人们在现代社会减少塑料浪费方面已经进行了许多努力,《多伦多观察家》写道,Emily Wilkinson就是其中之一。 凭借其发明的botlfilter,Wilkinson帮助鼓励更多的人节省塑料并减少碳排放。 botlfilter是一种便携式过滤器,无需预先浸泡,使用可生物降解的材料,并且不会产生塑料废物。 用户可重复使用过滤器盒,并将可生物降解的滤袋扔到堆肥中,从而快速,轻松地获得健康的饮用水。

Anna Meloto-Wilk, Human Heart Nature Body care is an indispensable part of modern culture, but many products use chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and the body. Daydreaming in Paradise celebrates Anna Meloto-Wilk as an entrepreneur who is working towards bringing eco-friendly and organic beauty products to more consumers in the Philippines. Her brand Human Heart Nature uses natural and locally-sourced ingredients, as well as provides income and livelihoods to local communities.

身体护理是现代文化不可或缺的一部分,但是许多产品其实对环境和人体有害。 媒体Daydreaming in Paradise赞扬了Anna Meloto-Wilk这位企业家,她致力于将更多环保和有机美容产品带给菲律宾消费者。 她的品牌Human Heart Nature使用天然和本地采购的成分,并为当地社区提供收入和生计。

Instagram @humanheartnature

Lori Cunningham, Loskey

The fast fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, producing waste at both ends of the production line. Lori Cunningham through her t-shirt company Loskey aims to counteract that by bringing to a market a shirt that is durable, sustainable, and empowers women. Cunningham works with an Indian manufacturer to help provide local women with livelihood options, while also working to produce stylish, long-lasting clothes that reduce waste.

快速时装业是世界上最大的污染源之一,在生产线的两端都会产生垃圾。 Lori Cunningham通过她的T恤公司Loskey旨在通过将耐用、环保并尊重女性权力的衬衫推向市场来抵制这种情况。 Cunningham与一家印度制造商合作,为当地妇女提供工作,同时还致力于生产时尚而持久的服装,以减少浪费。

This ethically produced t-shirt is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic slub cotton. The cotton is farmed organically using 70% less water & 62% less energy than conventional cotton. It is free from toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde & aromatic solvents. All dyes are natural and bleaching is oxygen, not chlorine, based.


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