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Celebrating Every Chapter | Intention Session | Jewelry Photography

Relationships are complex, whether they are friendships or intimate ones. Friendship is something I take really seriously. If we are close friends, I want to know all the versions of you, those that are already known, those in the light, and those in the dark... and most definitely... those that have yet to unravel through the years and life experiences

Woman under the willow tree
Art Photography - Fashion Photography

I want to write about it, I want you to see how I see you, and I see the best of you. And the best of you includes the dark & the light.

I refuse to entertain half anything, half loves, half friendships, half-ass anything.

Only by accepting the dark, can we be whole with the light ☯︎

The day I decided to take photography seriously as a form of self-expression, everything became about bringing my vision of the world into existence.

And which place would be better to start than with my friends?

Anso, one of my dearest friends, became my muse for this endeavor. Her graceful blend of femininity and strength inspired me to capture her essence in bold, yet soft and wild images.

We met at my parents' home in the countryside and started playing under the big willow tree. I wanted the pictures to be bold, strong, soft, and wild—like her. She decided that she wanted these pictures taken for herself, to celebrate the person she is in this stage of her life: a woman, a mother, a wife, and so much more.

To enhance the depth of the imagery, I adorned Anso with some of my favorite jewelry pieces from Okra Jewelry & Monies.

These accessories, with their mystical allure, added an extra layer of intrigue to the photographs. My fascination (or perhaps obsession) with them remains a mystery to me, yet they effortlessly complemented Anso's captivating presence.

Portrait & Jewelry Photography in Antwerp


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Alizée CCM is an adventure junkie who loves to drive to new and familiar places in the spirit of learning and discovery. She's a portrait and art photographer based in Antwerp, with a love for humans, jewelry, tea, fashion, psychology, and so much more... Besides photography, she writes and delves in the world of film.


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