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How to Care Your Cat and the Environment at the Same Time

Cats: sassy furry members of the family we spoil more than ourselves!

A little premise before digging into today's topic: if you are choosing to get a pet, either a kitten or a puppy, please don't purchase one.

Consider adoption instead: it is plenty of little friends that need a house and someone who loves them unconditionally.

Cats are known to be low maintenance compared to dogs, and in most of the cases, it is true.

Nevertheless, be aware that they come with responsibilities. If you are giving it to a kid, teach them how to look after a pet, it will be a great lesson of love.

Let's explore together what we can do to make happy not just our furry friends but also the planet, with some sustainable solutions.


To have a zero waste cat one of the first rules is to remember that, regardless cats are unquestionably our BFF to take special care of, they don't need all of the things we are associating to them.

Treat them as animals, don't give them human necessities. Don't dress them up or shower them on a regular basis it's not in their nature.

They surely look cute, but it might be harmful for their fur and skin protection not to mention how angry and uncomfortable they feel. It goes with it that you can save money avoiding expensive and polluting pet toilette products or clothes. Safe pocket safe world, it's a win-win.


Really? Is that a thing? Please, share with us a REAL picture of a cat peacefully sleeping in its own kennel and not on your pillow or closet (lucky you!). The reason is they love your smell and cozy spots.

source: twitter

Don't waste your money and space on fancy cuddle caves.. In most of the cases, they don't care!

Get them a box instead and personalized it. Cut some windows and holes that the kitten can play with or scratch its nails. They will love it!

In winter time, add one of your old sweaters to make it warmer. Another option is a straw basket, cats adore unraveling hay.

Brugola, expert in hidden spots and comfort, tester of any kind of boxes


Again, cats have the reputation of being demanding and fussy. It's not an illusion, they are! Plastic mice or sticks with fake feathers aren't just toxic for the animal, but also cats usually refuse them due to their synthetic and impersonal smell.

Cats prefer small things they can hold in their mouth and carry around the house, possibly if they are natural because they have a real smell to them.

Empty toilet paper roll: cut the edge as sun rays (or any other shape you like), you can add threads here too.

Paper balls, threads, even spare socks, hair accessories (they will steal them anyway)! Observe your furry friend, what it is usually interested in and play along with it.

source: pinterest


This is one of the most critical aspects to align with the zero waste lifestyle. Although on the market there are available corn or tofu-based sands, not all the animals respond positively, primarily if they are already used to other kinds. Give it a try never hurt anyone.

These natural-based litter sands have a pleasant smell, avoiding the common cat litter stench. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, hence safe to flush down the toilet.

Unfortunately, they are mainly sold in plastic bags, despite that, they are low consumption, therefore one bag can last over a month according to your cat needs.

Cat litter (corn and tofu) available on Taobao tried by us, but you can find many more!


Cats are definitely picky when it comes to food. They are sophisticated carnivore animals so they don't eat every random thing you throw at them, as you would do with dogs. Anyway, avoiding processed food and cans is still possible. If you check the label for the ingredients, you will discover there is nothing you can't do by yourself. It will take just 10 minutes of your time once a month. Besides, it will surprisingly cheap taking into account how expensive is an adequate quality of pet food in China. On the Internet, you can find many different recipes, choose a few of them to try. As we all have different tastes, cats are the same. There is no one fits all. Maybe the following is the closest to what is a portion of basic cat food.

Rosi the cat, MiCATlin Stars gourmet

While doing grocery at the local market, stop at the poultries vendor to buy chicken breasts. They are packaging free, so bring your own container to save the plastic bag.

This recipe is for 2 portions of food. The strategy is to make a quantity that lasts for a month and freeze it in individual ice-cube containers so that every day you can take what you need:

- 70 gr of chicken

- 50 gr rice

-15gr of carrots/peas/spinach

(suggestion: try first with a small quantity, cats are very hard to please they might not like all the veggies)

Boil all the ingredients and blend them together until you get a uniform mixture. Fill the cubes. Put it into the freezer.

Easy as a pie!

And you? Do you have any pets? How do deal with their waste?

Share with us tips and your little friend’s favorite recipe!

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