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Welcome, I am Alizée CCM

Adventure & Portrait

Based in Antwerp, Belgium

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Environmentalist turned photographer, I am in love with the cycles of life and believe in the celebration of it all. 

Whether it is your wedding, a birth, your business, or an engagement

I love to connect to

who you are,  

what is important to you,

why this celebration means so much to you

and capture your essence.


This is not a fast process, let's connect, and tell me your story through portrait photography, which I consider an art form. 

I am a cheerleader of all types of dreams and crazy ideas. My friends know that whatever crazy goal or

dream they have for themselves I genuinely believe it is possible.


Whether you want an art photograph of your family, or a theatrical pregnancy portrait, it is all possible. 

I am all ears.  

I am based in Antwerp, Belgium but I LOVE to travel. 

In 2023, I have traveled to the UK, France, Tunisia, Botswana, Hong Kong, and China. 

Art Prints

CQ Teahouse_bedroom copy.png
CQ Teahouse_bedroom copy.png

The word     Adventure    is truly my guiding light in this lifetime.

I suppose that I seek the emotions of surprise, excitement, mystery, joy, and anticipation. My favorite things to do are driving in a car on the road     to somewhere new, somewhere known, being outside with fabulous people, and sharing stories of life.


I believe that sharing each other stories, helps us to make sense of it all and get back to our own essence and ourselves. To be more at peace with who we are and what we're here to enjoy and achieve.


My big passion besides photography is psychology, mythology, and rites of passage. I have observed that people who live in cultures that tend to be deprived of spirituality have more difficulty making sense of the world around them.

Why am I here? What is the meaning of it all? What is my purpose?


Even though these are universal questions, I can't help but feel that religions or other spiritual philosophies and beliefs provide a structure through rituals and ceremonies through which many of our psychological, physical and environmental changes find their meaning. 

Myself, I love to hold space for all sorts of transformations and ceremonies that we have forgotten, such as: 

pre-natal mama blessing, pre-wedding self-love ceremony, first menstruation ritual, and many more.


I have expressed some of these stories through different art projects:


KAILU, The Open Road is a 3 month road-trip through China where I set on to meet the Chinese changemakers in sustainability. In Echoes Of Friendship I unpack the essence of my closest friendships in Shanghai in big moments of transitions.

In BELG(E), I question what it means to be from from a certain place, a quest for a rekindling with my own culture.

My Art Projects





Alizée CCM Photography | BANU Creative

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