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Alizée CCM





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Echoes Of Friendship

Book: Echoes of Friendship

[Shanghai Ren] 


Step into a world where art, storytelling, and environmentalism converge. As a photographer, documentarist, writer, and environmentalist, I've spent the last decade shaping a life dedicated to sustainability. Along the way, I've partnered with Fortune 500 companies, influential business schools, passionate entrepreneurs, and local NGOs, leaving a mark on the world.


Through my lens, I capture the soul of 'The Earth' and its inhabitants, breathing life into brands that embody my values.


Join me as I venture into the realms of creativity, immersing myself in the habitats of brilliant artists and documenting the trailblazers who ignite my inspiration during my journeys.

Art Prints

CQ Teahouse_bedroom copy.png
CQ Teahouse_bedroom copy.png
teahouse, photography, travel photography, documentary, alizee ccm, art prints, writer, china travel, sustainability trip
motorcycle in the mountains, mountain road, roadtrip, sichuan, china, roadtrip, alizee ccm

KAILU Prints

chinese home_living room copy.png
travel photography china, tempel, alizee ccm, art print, travel, asia


margaux doulliez, interior design, photography, branding, employer branding
shanghai, photography, romantic, travel photography, alizee ccm, bund, nature in the city
macro photography, nature, drops on leaves, dawn, romantic, documentary photography, alizee ccm
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