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6 vegan cafes in Shanghai

It's never been easier to find vegan food in Shanghai today. Whether you are a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, you can spot various vegetable dishes and diverse Tofus all over the city. But how about vegan coffee? Although the trendy coffee shop's number has boosted to over 3000 over the last decade (SmartShanghai, 2018), you may also have run into a cafe without a coffee machine. Not just me, right? Not to mention a vegan-friendly cafe, many cafes don't have a single idea about it.

It's not easy to have a complete idea of how many cafes have oat or soy milk options. However, we managed to list six quality vegan-friendly cafes spreading out the town. Well, if you cannot find a vegan cafe nearby, you can always pop in Starbucks and get the soy milk alternative.

Lizzy's All-Natural

Source: Lizzy's All-Natural

Lizzy's All-Natural has two shops in Jing An, possible to take away or order the delivery. It's a cute place with not a lot of seats. They provide milk alternatives like cashew milk and almond milk. Although they highlight the healthy cleanse diet sets, their coconut latte is 100% natural and delicious!


#1 Anken Smoothie Bar 昌化路果昔吧

667 Changhua Lu by Anyuan Lu Jing'an


Open Hours: 07:00 - 19:00 星期一到星期日 07:00 - 19:00

#2 Julu Smoothie Bar: More Than Eat 巨鹿路果昔吧

758 Julu Lu by Fumin Lu Jing'An


Mon-Fri 星期一到星期五: 8:00 - 22:00

Sat-Sun 星期六到星期日: 10:00 - 22:00


Founded by an American expat, Dave Seminsky, who dedicates himself in identifying technological innovations in coffee processing and farming, this unique cafe is all about quality and expertise. They not only use oat milk for their coffee, but also roast their coffee beans and homebrew. If you're a vegan and a coffee lover, Sumerian is not to be missed!

Source: Internet Source: Brian Williams


415 Shaanxi Bei Lu, Shanghai, China


Open hours:

Monday 星期一: 7:30am − 6:00pm

Tuesday to Sunday 星期二-星期天: 7:30 am − 7:30 pm



Kommunes concerns about the environment. You can find their social media posting animals wearing plastic. This communist party style cafe could be located in the heart of Tian Zi Fang. Relaxed, casual setting with great outdoor area. The big special communist concept mug can easily hold a big cup of soy latte.


The Yard, No.7, Lane 210 Taikang Rd,


Open Hours: 8 AM - 1 AM 365 days a year

Fortunate Coffee 幸福咖啡店

Source: Internet

Healthy happiness could be found inside out here. They not only top the Chinese characters "kaixin" (happy) on their oat milk latte, but also located at a casual area in Yang Pu and own great settings. They are also known for the exceptionally warm staff.


Building 6, 433 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai


Subway station: Jiangwan Stadium – line 10, exit 9

Open hours: Weekdays: 8.30-19.00, Weekends: 11.00-19.00

Manner coffee


Home roasted coffee beans, eco-friendly BYO Cup, fluffy oat latte in town and extremely reasonable prices. What will you ask for more? They are expanding swiftly from one coffee stand at Nan Yang Lu to 18 shops and cafes by this year.


coffee stands

205 Nan Yang Lu 南阳路205号

310 Feng Xian Lu 奉贤店310号


B1 Reel, 1601 West Nanjing Lu 南京西路1601号芮欧百货B1楼

F1, Building 1, SOHO Donghai Plaza, 28 East Yu Yuan Lu


329 Tong Ren Lu 铜仁路329号

For more addresses, please visit their official website:

Metro line 2, 10 mins walk from West Nanjing Rd

Open Hours: Weekdays: 8am-7pm, Weekends: 9am-7pm

Brut Eatery


This cafe & restaurant has oat latte and vegan diet options. Overall very vegan friendly and plenty of choices. They highlight their waffles, but you can as well find brunch, mantou burger, salad, noodles, curry and desserts, etc.


#1 698 Yuyuan Lu 愚园路698号

#2 238 Zhaojiaobang Rd 肇嘉浜路238号

They have many more branches now, these above 2 are the most well known.

Open hours: 8am-11pm

If you've seen more quality vegan cafes in the town, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Until next time!



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